Naval War Between America and North Korea Epic Showdown-Pentagon Says It Is Fully Prepared Against Possible North Korean Provocations

The United States says it's fully prepared to respond to any possible provocations by North Korea,... as speculation rises Pyongyang is readying a long-range missile launch.The Defense Department says its defense readiness will remain rock-solid, even as its military leadership works through the transition process.Kim Jung-soo has more. Peter Cook, the outgoing Pentagon press secretary,

North Korea -‘We Will Destroy America All At Once’-EMP Nightmare: Who Will Live, Who Will Die in The 1st 72 Hours? Preparing For EMP Attack

Everything Could Change In One Moment’ – North Korean Nuclear Threat Over US-South Korean ‘Foal Eagle’ Military Drills Simulating Collapse Of Regime May Be Much More Than It Appears To Be EMP. The letters spell burnt out computers and other electrical systems and perhaps even a return to the dark ages if it were to

BREAKING:China Military Official Says WAR With USA Under Donald Trump ‘Becoming Practical Reality’-China Deploys Nukes to “Optimum Location for Attacking USA”

  War with the US under Donald Trump is “not just a slogan” and is becoming "a practical reality” according to a senior Chinese military official. The remarks were published on the People’s Liberation Army website, apparently in response to the aggressive rhetoric towards China from America's new administration. They communicated a view from inside the

End Of The World, The End Of The World, Apocalypse, Doomsday, Or — As a Qualitative Change In The Cosmic Order Of All Existing?

  "As every man is death, and the whole world seems to be a kind of death and destruction. This is clearly shown in the Scriptures, but the human race knew the truth, not knowing the Scriptures. Both philosophers and common people believed impermanence of the world and even knew how to how to make

YES,The Whole World is Training and Preparing For a ‘Mega War.’Russian and Chinese Elites are Preparing For a Nuclear Apocalypse or a Natural Disaster

World WarIII will likely be a Nuclear war, involving nuclear warfare, nuclear warheads being launched with launch codes and nuclear bombs being detonated all over the world causing a nuclear winter of apocalyptic proportions. At the time, as most people are taught that everything is normal, the population of the earth is on the right

WWIII – A Horrifying New Year Vision

2016 was a Black Swan year to many. Fortunately, “realism” (interchangeably aka “cynicism” in our brave new world) help to anticipate Brexit  and Trump  thereby sparing me a couple of unpleasant surprises. Amidst happy wishes, 2017 begins noisily with more frantic beating of the war drum by — well, who else? Though nothing new, the

Pray For the Best but Prepare For the Worst-The Elite Are In A PANIC-ELITE UNDERGROUND BUNKERS – Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations?

  ELITE UNDERGROUND BUNKERS Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations? It is believed to be large enough to house 60,000 persons, with a special air filtration system designed to withstand a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. Enough food and water is believed to be stored at the site to

The Terrorism It’s a Threat For Short Time.The Real Danger is Russia, China, North Korea,Iran and Come From SQL Injection Attacks

  The most destructive scenarios involve cyber actors launching several attacks on our critical infrastructure at one time…attackers could also seek to disable or degrade critical military systems and communication networks. The collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber Pearl Harbor. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran remain the nations of

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