The Day After . . .

As of 9:50 AM on Monday, about two-thirds of the Florida Peninsula is without electricity after Hurricane Irma slammed directly into that state from south to north. There is now very widespread FLOODING in many areas, with Everglades City under 15 FEET of water and Rt 41 closed by 6 FEET of water. Alligators and [...]

BREAKING:North Korea Is Just ‘One Step Away’ From Launching a Nuke Capable of Hitting America, US Expert Claims

Specialist on Kim Jong-Un's army has warned the nation is closing in US threat North Korea has been routinely testing missiles to see if they can reach America. Now the expert believes they are just on obstacle away from achieving their goal. Last thing needed is to produce warhead capable of withstanding extreme heat . [...]

BREAKING : This Is a Real NIGHTMARE- ‘ Industroyer ‘ Malware Discovered That Can Take Down Power Grids — For Months!

Last December, a cyber attack on Ukrainian Electric power grid caused the power outage in the northern part of Kiev — the country's capital — and surrounding areas, causing a blackout for tens of thousands of citizens for an hour and fifteen minutes around midnight.  Now, security researchers have discovered the culprit behind those cyber [...]

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Ex-CIA Chief Woolsey-North Korea Prepping EMP Attack On U.S.-North Korea Could Kill 90 Percent of Americans-Here’s How YOU Can Prepare

North Korea says they will EMP USA. How is that possible when North Korea has NO EMP's nor has satellites capable of guiding one. Is our government setting us up for something? Are we looking at another 911 event?War is coming. North Korea EMP attack on the United States would knock out the critical, life-sustaining [...]

EXCLUSIVE – Congressional Expert: North Korea Prepping EMP Catastrophe Aimed At U.S. Homefront

TEL AVIV – While the international community and news media focus on North Korean missile tests and the country’s nuclear program, one expert warned on Sunday that North Korea may be secretly assembling the capability to take out significant parts of the U.S. homeland via an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is [...]

Revealed-Korean Professor Hyun Kyung Who Save America And Entire World From The Energy Suppression Is Dead -Kim Jong-un Personally Ordered His Death +18 Video

Made public for everyone to know how they spread fear. Kim Jong-un, the dreadful leader of this country, personally ordered his death... The  reason for Hoon's killing is so outrageous, so deeply disturbing, it'll send  shivers down your spine... The official accounts were treason, espionage and providing aid and comfort to the enemy... Truth is... [...]

Incoming! NASA and FEMA Prepare For Asteroid Impact With Emergency Planning Exercise

NASA scientists and crisis management specialists have held high-level training exercises to prepare for an asteroid strike on Earth.Senior officials said the exercise simulated an asteroid impact on Los Angeles on September 20 2020. They propose a scenario in which object 300-800 feet wide approaches.The exercise gave no time to launch an asteroid deflection mission [...]

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THE END IS NEAR! Are You Ready For Disaster? 70 Tips That Will Help You Survive What Is About To Happen To America in 2017

You may have noticed that things are starting to get crazy. Financial markets are imploding, violent crime rates are soaring in our major cities, and we have witnessed a truly unusual series of natural disasters in recent months. War in the Middle East continues to rage out of control, and Islamic terror continues to spread [...]

Tesla’s Solar Roof To Cost Less Than Normal Roof – Everything You Need To Know About Tesla’s Solar Roof That’s Using New Glass Technology

Everything you need to know about Tesla's solar roof that's using new glass technology Wonderful news for the solar and renewable energy industry keeps coming in. Yesterday, Tesla and SolarCity shareholders approved Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity, with 85% of the voters in favor. Tesla is trying to make solar sexy. CEO Elon Musk unveiled its [...]

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FEMA Camps for Fools, Locking Away the Morons.Lincoln Warned US : “The Real Destroyer Of Democracy Is Idiocy”

The Slippery Slope, Today GOP, Tomorrow Mormon, the Day After, Waiting for Magic Radio Signals from Space The Chinese sent millions to “re-education camps” when they found themselves saddled with thieves, idiots and those so filled with cult propaganda they could not be trusted to live in a communist society.  Imagine our problem… America is [...]