Revealed-Korean Professor Hyun Kyung Who Save America And Entire World From The Energy Suppression Is Dead -Kim Jong-un Personally Ordered His Death +18 Video

Made public for everyone to know how they spread fear. Kim Jong-un, the dreadful leader of this country, personally ordered his death... The  reason for Hoon's killing is so outrageous, so deeply disturbing, it'll send  shivers down your spine... The official accounts were treason, espionage and providing aid and comfort to the enemy... Truth is...

Incoming! NASA and FEMA Prepare For Asteroid Impact With Emergency Planning Exercise

NASA scientists and crisis management specialists have held high-level training exercises to prepare for an asteroid strike on Earth.Senior officials said the exercise simulated an asteroid impact on Los Angeles on September 20 2020. They propose a scenario in which object 300-800 feet wide approaches.The exercise gave no time to launch an asteroid deflection mission

THE END IS NEAR! Are You Ready For Disaster? 70 Tips That Will Help You Survive What Is About To Happen To America in 2017

You may have noticed that things are starting to get crazy. Financial markets are imploding, violent crime rates are soaring in our major cities, and we have witnessed a truly unusual series of natural disasters in recent months. War in the Middle East continues to rage out of control, and Islamic terror continues to spread

Tesla’s Solar Roof To Cost Less Than Normal Roof – Everything You Need To Know About Tesla’s Solar Roof That’s Using New Glass Technology

Everything you need to know about Tesla's solar roof that's using new glass technology Wonderful news for the solar and renewable energy industry keeps coming in. Yesterday, Tesla and SolarCity shareholders approved Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity, with 85% of the voters in favor. Tesla is trying to make solar sexy. CEO Elon Musk unveiled its

FEMA Camps for Fools, Locking Away the Morons.Lincoln Warned US : “The Real Destroyer Of Democracy Is Idiocy”

The Slippery Slope, Today GOP, Tomorrow Mormon, the Day After, Waiting for Magic Radio Signals from Space The Chinese sent millions to “re-education camps” when they found themselves saddled with thieves, idiots and those so filled with cult propaganda they could not be trusted to live in a communist society.  Imagine our problem… America is

ALERT! Hurricane LIKELY for Southern Florida in about ten Days – Could be a Category 5! Hurricane Matthew is a Major Threat to East Coast USA

Folks in southern Florida are being given a "heads-up" for a storm developing ion the Caribbean currently called "Invest 97 L."  Forecasters say conditions over the next 10-12 days are favorable for this system to develop into a MAJOR Hurricane.  Historical models for October Hurricanes show south Florida as a likely impact, by New York

GAO Report: US Still Not Prepared for Possible EMP Attack

Two weeks after North Korea threatened to launch nuclear strikes against the U.S., the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that the federal government has still not implemented all of the recommendations made eight years ago to prevent catastrophic blackouts caused by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. The recommendations were made in 2008 by the Commission to Assess the

Straw Bale Building Challenges Of The Year : How Hay Bale Houses Work? Why Build a Hay Bale House?A Step-by-Step Guide To The Best Projects

At the end of the 19th century, settlers in the Sandhills area of northwestern Nebraska faced a problem. The Sandhills, a vast area of grass-covered sand dunes, provided no lumber for building. There were no nearby railroad depots to bring in building supplies. The little good sod that was present was better used for crops

Forget Gun Control-EMP Attack Would Wipe Out 90% Of US Population Within 2 Years,Sending America Back To The 1800s

  On 2 October, President Obama declared: "Here's what you need to do: You have to make sure that anybody that you are voting for is on the right side of this issue." If politicians oppose these measures, he continued, "even if they're great on other stuff, you've got to vote against them." He was

Imminent Danger To The U.S. # 1 “Electronic Armageddon”-North Korea and Iran Hydrogen Bombs? Russian Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile?

The recent North Korean nuclear and the Iranian ballistic missile tests are serious deadly threats to the United States. North Korea's latest bomb test is being widely dismissed by "experts" because the apparent yield is around 10 kilotons or less – which just so happens to be exactly the right amount for an electromagnetic pulse

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