Warning, Super volcano erupts, disaster is threatening the lives of millions. THE area surrounding the deadly Yellowstone supervolcano has experienced one of the biggest recorded periods of seismic activity, sparking fears that it could release a devastating eruption. A swarm of tremors have hit Yellowstone in the past few months, and as of August 30, [...]

Say Goodbye To The 50 States, Get Ready for FEMA Regions For the North American Union

Millions of Americans voted for Trump to “rip up those trade deals.” He said NAFTA is “the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere, but certainly ever signed in this country.” But globalists in and out of the administration have convinced Trump to renegotiate instead of withdraw. They are making a mad dash to stampede [...]

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RED List – BLUE List – YELLOW List – BLACK List .Are You On FEMA’s ‘KILL’ List? Locations and Executive Orders

Are You On FEMA’s ‘Kill’ List? Stickers On Your Mailbox Will Determine Your Fate. RED, BLUE, and YELLOW. These are the colors of the stickers that people . JUST THE FACTS THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW AND YES THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS A PLAN FOR YOU BUT IS IT RED, BLUE,YELLOW or BLACK. FROM GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS [...]

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The Day After . . .

As of 9:50 AM on Monday, about two-thirds of the Florida Peninsula is without electricity after Hurricane Irma slammed directly into that state from south to north. There is now very widespread FLOODING in many areas, with Everglades City under 15 FEET of water and Rt 41 closed by 6 FEET of water. Alligators and [...]

Hurricane Irma,Massive 8.1 EQ in Mexico, Is Yellowstone Next? Yellowstone Super Volcano Could Wipe Out Much Of The United States Burying Much Of The Country In Ash

It’s no mere doomsday pseudoscience: The Yellowstone supervolcano really could be the end of us all. When the Yellowstone Caldera — the name of the national park’s geographic structure, which roughly translates as “caldron” — blows its lid, much of the continental United States will get covered in a blanket of ash. That ash will [...]

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I have just received the report from the US Air Force Hurricane Hunter  aircraft's latest flight into Hurricane Irma.  That report appears below.   The BAD  NEWS: Irma has strengthened back into a Category 5 Hurricane with SUSTAINED WINDS of 166 MPH, stronger gusts.   The storm continues to STRENGTHEN! Product: Air Force Vortex Message [...]

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BREAKING NEWS-FEMA Chief Warns Hurricane Irma threatens ‘to devastate the United States,’

South Florida is bracing for a major storm surge and powerful winds even as Hurricane Irma weakened to a Category 4 storm as it races toward the U.S. mainland. "Obviously Hurricane Irma continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the United States," Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long said at a [...]

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The United States Geological Survey is reporting that a MASSIVE Magnitude 8.0 earthquake took place immediately off the west coast of the state of Chiappas, Mexico  at 12:49 AM Eastern US time.  A TSUNAMI has struck and will strike elsewhere.  Buildings have collapsed and a number of deaths are already confirmed! The quake took place [...]

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Danger Alert!!! Mandatory Evacuations Now Ordered For ALL of City of Miami

As the path of Hurricane Irma becomes clearer, officials have now ORDERED the MANDATORY evacuation of Miami and its surrounding areas, as follows: Bal Harbour Bay Harbor Islands Biscayne Park Golden Beach Indian Creek Village Miami Beach North Bay Village Sunny Isles Beach Surfside Key Biscayne Four SHELTERS are being opened to house people who [...]

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IRMAGEDDON! Hurricane Irma Aftermath/ Almost 90% Of Barbuda Destroyed

‘Barbuda is literally rubble’: Shocked PM says Irma destroyed 90% of homes on tiny Caribbean island. Houses and infrastructure on Barbuda have been “totally demolished,” Antigua and Barbuda PM told media following a helicopter trip to the Caribbean island. The island of 1,600 residents went radio silent for over twelve hours, causing wild speculations over [...]

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