Storm leaves hundreds of thousands in the dark

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Dave Dixon and his wife are bunking with friends after losing power in a snow-and-ice storm that caused more than a million U.S. outages — the vast … Continue reading

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Testosterone: The fountain of youth for men?

Testosterone has become one of the go-to prescriptions for men in their 50s and older. Some men even call it the “fountain of youth,” but studies show that we need … Continue reading

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Missing children rescued from Super Bowl sex trade in FBI sting

Sixteen children as young as 13, and some of whom had been reported missing by their families, were rescued from the sex trade in a law enforcement sting operation that … Continue reading

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Doctor Walks 6 Miles Through Snow Storm To Perform Emergency Brain Surgery

A brain surgeon walked six miles through a snowstorm in Alabama on Tuesday to perform life-saving surgery. Dr Zenko Hrynkiw was at Brookwood Medical Center in Tuesday morning when he … Continue reading

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Dad With Cancer Turns 826 Napkins Into A Priceless Gift For His Daughter

Every day at lunchtime, 14-year-old Emma Claire Callaghan gets a small but incredibly thoughtful reminder of her father’s love. Her dad, Garth Callaghan, has written Emma notes on napkins for … Continue reading


Ancient tablet reveals new details about Noah’s Ark prototype

It was a vast boat that saved two of each animal and a handful of humans from a catastrophic flood. But forget all those images of a long vessel with … Continue reading

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Exposure to DDT pesticide may increase Alzheimer’s risk, study finds

Exposure to the synthetic pesticide DDT may increase both the risk and severity of Alzheimer’s disease in some individuals – especially those over the age of 60. DDT was introduced … Continue reading

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Texas teen in good condition after plummeting over 3,000 feet in skydiving accident

A 16-year-old Texas girl who plummeted more than 3,000 feet to the ground in an Oklahoma skydiving accident survived and is recovering from her many injuries, a doctor said Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Crude explosives found on Maryland mall gunman – police

  The gunman behind the Saturday shooting at a Maryland mall was carrying crude explosives at the time of the incident, police have confirmed. The man, who killed two retail … Continue reading

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3 dead, at least 20 hurt in I-94 pileup in Indiana

  MICHIGAN CITY, IND. –  About 30 vehicles, half of the semi-trailers, collided amid white-out conditions in a massive highway pileup that left three people dead and more than 20 … Continue reading

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