Build a $300 Underground Greenhouse For Year-Round Gardening

This low-tech technology is a true gift from mother nature.For as little as $300 you can create an underground greenhouse that will provide enough food to live on year-round. Growers in colder climates often utilize various approaches to extend the growing season or to give their crops a boost, whether it’s coldframes, hoop houses or [...]

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FEMA warns California! Get off the coast! M9 or greater is Imminent! Earth crustal shift, Cascadia Subduction Zone about to slip! Even the New Madrid has tripled in earthquake swarms! Prepare Now!! Test will simulate a 9.0 magnitude quake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, followed by a tsunami  A massive earthquake and tsunami is said [...]

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Scientists Warn-The Next Mega Tsunami And Earthquake Could It Happen Here: Hawaii,Alaska,U.S. West Coast,U.S. Gulf Coast,U.S. East Coast

A DEVASTATING 80-foot tsunami could strike the east coast of America at any moment, a top scientist has warned. New York, Boston and Miami could all be struck by the monster wave, while Central and South American tourist hotspots like the Bahamas, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago would also in the firing line.  The tsunami, [...]

The 25 Best DIY Root Cellar Plans & Ideas To Keep Your Harvest Fresh Without Refrigerators

Have you ever stopped to think what people did long before refrigeration? How to live without refrigeration? Have you ever really stopped and thought what life would be like without it? Well, one way was with the help of root cellars.The great news is that they are still around today. So today I wanted to [...]

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Shocking BIGGEST Asteroid-A THREE MILE Wide Asteroid Is Set To Graze Past Earth on Sept. 1 – NASA Says It’s The Largest To Come This Close Since They Began Keeping Track

  NASA says asteroid that's 2.7 miles wide will make 'relatively close encounter' Dubbed ‘Florence,’ the space rock will pass 4.4 million miles from our planet This is the closest an object this large has come since NASA began NEO program  It hasn't come this close since 1890, and won't be this close again until [...]

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Discover the lost remedies used by our ancestors for centuries. And I’m not talking about rare and complicated insights that only a botanist knows. I’m talking about plants that grow in your backyard or around your house. Very common weeds. Lactuca virosa, commonly called wild lettuce or opium lettuce, is a plant with psychoactive effects. Wild [...]

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ALERT – NORTH KOREA WARNS OF CATASTROPHE:North Korea Predicts “Catastrophe” As Massive U.S. War Games Begin Monday

Alas, "nuclear war" risk is about to come back with a vengeance because on Monday US and South Korea are scheduled to begin joint military exercises, a massive show of force which every time in the past has infuriated North Korea, sometimes triggering a show of force. Held every fall in South Korea, the Ulchi-Freedom [...]

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WARNING- Possible Earthquakes And Tsunami On Or After August 21st Through Sep 4th-America Is Doomed-August 21 Eclipse

A GROUP of hardcore Christians has claimed a solar eclipse due to hit the UK and America next year, will bring about an apocalypse. The eclipse will plunge countries into darkness and spark the end of the world, doomsayers from Christian website Unsealed have alleged. The website has claimed that scripture from the Book of [...]


Throughout history, medicinal herbs were the only thing available when someone was injured or sick. The emergence of modern medicine made humanity forget about how powerful nature is. For example, wild lettuce (Lactusa virosa) is a plant that grows in England and North America and has been used as a natural painkiller that works just [...]

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War Is Coming, The Whole World Knows It Except The People Of The United States.Wake Up People!

On the surface, things seem pretty quiet in mid-July. The biggest news stories are about the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s choice of running mate, the stock market in the U.S. keeps setting new all-time record highs, and the media seems completely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s love life. But underneath the surface, it is a very [...]