The End Of The Line-5 Cities That Will Be Wiped Off the Map by Natural Disasters

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No matter how technologically advanced humans become, we'll always spend a good portion of our time pathetically flailing at nature and the various disasters it attempts to grind us down with. Which makes it all the more awesome that many have actually chosen to live right on the bulls-eye of mother nature's bazooka practice target. [...]

DESTINATION: TRANSYLVANIA – Locals Keep Centuries-Old Habit -‘VALTOAREA’ – The Best Old Fashioned Way For Washing Laundry Without Electricity

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DESTINATION: TRANSYLVANIA – Locals Keep Centuries-Old Habit -‘VALTOAREA’ – The Best Old Fashioned Way For Washing Laundry Without Electricity On the Isticeu River, an important tributary of the Gurghiu River, in an area in which a dam was built to make a waterfall, brothers Vasile and Florea ,started building a 'valtoare' (whirlpool used for washing [...]

‘ARK OF GABRIEL’ -THE MOST DANGEROUS WEAPON – The Ark of Gabriel, Antarctica, Russia And The Apocalypse

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A shocking report which was apparently produced by the Russian Ministry Of Defence (MOD) has been circulating around the Kremlin.  This mind boggling report states that two satellites of the Aerospace Forces, are being used for the protection of the Russian Federation military research vessel, Admiral Vladimisky, which has recently left the Saudi Arabian Port of Jeddah, [...]

Thinking the Unthinkable: Who Will Die Within the First 24-48-72 Hours? Who Will Die Within the First 90 Days? Who Will Live?

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  Who will Die within the first twenty-four hours from a CME or EMP attack when the energy pulse fries all electronic circuits and brings down the power grid? In the first 24 hours, hundreds of thousands of Americans will die within minutes of the burst.  The very first to die will be passengers aboard [...]

BREAKING NEWS-Senator on North Korea Missiles / Nukes: “If we have to go to war over this, we will.” – TILLERSON TALKING “NAVAL BLOCKADE”

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In a brutally blunt statement about the growing North Korea threat to the United States, Senator Lindsay Graham, appearing on CNN “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer discussing today’s ICBM launch by North Korea said “If we have to go to war over this, we will.” It is important to note that Congress (The US House [...]

134 EARTHQUAKES RATTLE THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT IN JUST ONE WEEK-Is California about to be hit by the ‘Big One’?

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The earthquakes hammered a 3-mile stretch of the San Andreas fault Seventeen were stronger than 2.5 magnitude and six were stronger than 3.0 It follows a string of ten tremors that struck Monterey County last week The largest, a 4.6-magnitude quake, was felt in San Francisco 90 miles away Fresh fears have been raised that a [...]

The Best 20+Inexpensive DIY Sauna and Wood-Burning Hot Tub Design Ideas

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I have a little confession to make. I was watching a television show about Alaska (because you all know how I’m in love with Alaska), and I saw this awesome idea that sparked an awesome idea in my head. So this television family created a sauna that was portable. They took it all over their [...]

YOUTUBE: More Liberal Sickness . . . And Sickening Too! Youtube Caught Offering DEGENERATE PERVERSION Suggestions In Search Engine

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Youtube holds itself out as an "advertiser safe" environment and the company is quick to "de-monetize" any videos THEY determine are "not advertiser friendly."  Of course, this policy happens to be applied mostly to right-wing or conservative videos . . . . even if the imagery is innocuous;  it's the message that Youtube is concerned about.  Once [...]

North Korea WIPE US OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH Whole World Prepares World War III

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NORTH Korea has vowed to wipe the US “off the face of the Earth’ after claiming Donald Trump has moved chemical weapons to the North Korean border as part of his “wild ambition to dominate the world”. The government spokesman claimed Trump had moved the military equipment into South Kore “in a bid to press [...]

Disable Location Access? Google Collects Data from Android Users Anyway – REPORT

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Android phone users may turn off their location services settings, take out their SIM card or restore their device to factory settings, but Google still collects their location data, according to a new report. For the past 11 months, devices running on Android software have been sending “Cell ID codes,” which contain data on the addresses of [...]